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Gym Trends to Watch in the New Year

Le 18 December 2017, 12:50 dans Humeurs 0

Getting fit in the New Year is a task that most of us attempt, but this only usually lasts until the end of January. Have you ever thought about how your gym clothes can affect your motivation? This may seem like an odd concept, but in reality the clothes we wear can affect our performance, how we feel and therefore our motivation. If you’re thinking about giving fitness a real go, then you should consider the clothes that you select. Here’s a quick guide of what you should be wearing in the new year.


Trainers are a great fashion choice and can be worn at pretty much any occasion. There are different styles of trainers that you should be aware of. Firstly, some styles of trainers that are only suitable for fashion purposes and can do more harm than good if you wear them to the gym. If you are running or doing any cardio, then it’s a good idea to choose lightweight trainers that offer support and breathability. Flyknit trainers are a popular choice, as they are lightweight, comfortable and offer support to the arch of your foot and ankles.

Compression Leggings:

The perfect pair of gym joggers or compression leggings are crucial to your workout. These leggings offer support to your muscles and prevent muscle damage which will help to keep you motivated. As well as offering support, these leggings can be bought in different styles, different colours nd in an array of shapes and sizes for men and women.



Sweatshirts should be an essential part of any workout outfit during the Winter months. They help to keep you protected and dry and look really cool in the process. A good old trusty sweatshirt is the perfect way to keep yourself motivated on those cold and frosty mornings where you have to drag yourself to the gym, an extra layer is bound to soften the blow.

How to shake up your conservatory

Le 23 November 2017, 12:48 dans Humeurs 0

Conservatories don’t have to be that forgotten room anymore, here are some of the ways you can give your space a little bit of a revamp. Conservatories often become the room where your laundry is sent to dry, or where your plants are sent to die. If you really want to be able to have friends over and sit in the comfort of your conservatory, then it might be a good idea to consider having a little bit of a revamp and reshuffle.

Think about the interior:

Traditional furniture is becoming a thing of the past, so throw out your semi-outside, crazy patterned furniture, and begin to think of your conservatory as a real room. Why not try experimenting with the space, and trying out a “cuddle chair” or even a corner sofa, and put a television and some other cool features into the room. This will help to bring your conservatory back from the dead and will make people want to retire to or hang out in the room.

Frame the space:

Framing the room properly can really be the make or break of your new conservatory. How do I do this? You may ask, this is actually be as simple as selecting the right conservatory blinds. Wooden shutters are the new modern classic, and really help to allow the right amount of light to enter your room. Steering away from heavy curtains and from dated features will help to keep your space looking on-trend and refreshed. Remember to keep your colours looking neutral and clean looking for the ultimate conservatory refresh.

Personal Touches:


Now that your conservatory has the right interior and is framed correctly, it’s important to start thinking about those personal touches that make the conservatory truly your own. This can be anything from family photographs, to scented candles and diffusers. One way to make your conservatory look great is to pick a theme and to decorate accordingly.

How to Protect Yourself as a Business Owner

Le 14 November 2017, 15:57 dans Humeurs 0

Becoming a business owner in any economic climate is a risky task, and there will be many obstacles that stand between yourself and your success throughout the years. Whether you are faced with legal dilemmas, debt or security threats, the main goal should be to protect your business and to set yourself and your employees on the path to success. Nobody begins a business with the mindset of failing, but the harsh reality is that 90% of new start up businesses fail within the first two years. If you want to be a successful business owner, then it’s important to gage the subtle nuances of your respective market, and to protect yourself and your business from everything that could go wrong. Here are some precautionary steps that every new business should take in order to ensure business success...

Choose your words and actions wisely:

As a business owner, one wrong move and your reputation could face irreparable damage. It’s important to make sure that you carefully think about everything you say to your employees, clients and to the press, as anything that could be slightly misconstrued could be damaging to your businesses reputation. Making elicit claims against your clients, competitors or about the government could have serious and in some cases legal ramifications. As well as saying explicit or discriminatory things, it’s important to also steer away from making potentially empty promises. As a business you should be aiming to say that your business aim is to please the customer, rather than to provide a specific outcome. You will find that you will be held accountable for every empty promise you make to your clients or customers, so it’s always a good idea to get out of the habit of doing this.

Protect your business data:

One of the biggest threats that small businesses face on a daily basis is having their cyber data compromised. Hackers seek to break into businesses’ online files to access their banking information and other sensitive information that could be used against the company. As we move into a technologically focused business, the need for more rigorous cyber security practices is becoming increasingly important. Security software, proxies and spyware removal programmes should be added to every computer in operation in order to maintain a higher level of cyber security.

Keep adequate insurance:

Every business should have liability coverage, and professional indemnity insurance in case a customer is unsatisfied with their services. As well as this, it’s also important to have building protection as a standard, which should cover anything from theft, vandalism, damage to the building etc. Insurance is your business's safety net, so it should not be taken lightly. For anything that could possibly go wrong in your business, be sure to seek insurance that can either cushion the blow or can rectify the damage that has been caused.


Being a business owner can be equally as stressful as it is enjoyable, so it’s important to make sure that you are prepared for everything that could possibly happen. Study your market obsessively, protect your business in every way possible, and be sure to account for and protect your finances frivolously.

(Bio: Alice Porter is an avid business writer who writes for the Professional Indemnity Insurance Company. Her aim is to share her knowledge with like minded professionals and business owners)

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