The best way to begin your journey as a business owner is to build a good reputation in your market – this is done through personal branding. Building up a personal brand can be achieved by following the simple steps of being nice to your potential customers, providing a good service and promoting good values. Here are some of the simplest, yet effective ways to build a reputation…




Hosting events is a great way to shout about your brand and get people to fall in love with your ideas. Whether this event is an opening for your business, a networking opportunity or something for charity, the main thing is that you get somebody out there as the face of your company, saying all the right things, doing all of the right things. There are so many different ways to get your name about, but hosting old fashioned networking events remains to be one of the most effective and creative ways to do so.


Social media and website:


Having a social media presence is like giving your company a voice, the more you interact with people and post the “right” things, the more you will gain from it. Having an opportunity to voice your company values and have a little bit of self-promotion will get people talking about you. Rather than using your social media to shout about your products, be sure to use it more for a way to get your name and values out there. It gives your customers and clients a platform to interact with you on a less formal setting. A great way to personalise your brand is to have employee photos and profiles on your site – this way people will be able to put a face to the name. Make sure to hire a professional photographer to take the pictures otherwise it can look “amateur” and unprofessional – but also be sure to get freelancer insurance if you hire any external staff.


Word of mouth:


Make good waves in your market and people will be sure to speak about how great you are. If you make a good impression on somebody, then you will get something back from them, but if you make a bad impression, then this can spread like a disease and prevent people from choosing your services.