A government survey in 2016 found that 82% of us in the UK use the internet daily, over 25 million more since 2006! So, we are a country thriving on the advancements of technology! Unfortunately not quite, many of us are still lost on how it should be utilised to increase the standard of living.

Mentioned in this post are five technologies that are benefitting society on a daily basis and that you should switch on to.



Whether it is a smart-watch or a Fitbit, wearable technology is changing the way we can get accurate data about our health, by transferring it from our wrists to our computer or smartphone. Technology companies have developed compact and easy to use devices which monitor your daily actions without interfering, whether you are just performing house duties or training for a marathon. The technology is now so advanced that healthcare specialists are using wearable technology to keep a check on patients who are recently out of hospital or those who rely on assisted living.




Out of nowhere technology company Apple introduced us to the mid-sized device labelled the tablet, and since then the world has gone mad for the versatile device. Gaming capabilities keep children and “big children” occupied, downloadable films mean we can view the latest release instead of the B-list on a plane, and there is no longer the need to store all those cookbooks and recipes! As the market for these useful devices has boomed there are now many options to choose from in different sizes, specifications, and that cater to all budgets.


Video Chat:


The introduction of video chat on such platforms as Skype, FaceTime, or Whatsapp, has enabled humans from around the world to keep in touch in a more connective way. Rather than having to travel to see relatives, you can see, speak, and enjoy moments with those who before seemed out of reach.

Aside from social benefits businesses are now using video chat to enhance the consumer experience. From delivering lessons to consumers, to reducing the costs of meetings by having a video conference rather than in person.

Video chat is undervalued but is likely to soon be a part of your daily life.  


Smart Heating:


The digital application market is a minefield and you probably have more applications than you know how to use. But one that has proven to be increasingly popular for busy home owners is British Gas’ product Hive, which allows users to program the heating of their home from their mobile phone. So no more arguments and fights over the thermostats or worrying that you’ve forgotten to turn the heating off. You can even warm your home before you return, or make sure that the heating is working for those elderly relatives who really rely on it.


Smart-Home Voice Recognition Systems:


We’ve all wanted an assistant, whether it is while we’re at work, multitasking at home, or just relaxing. The latest technology companies have been tripping over each other to develop is voice recognition home devices. These virtual assistant can; order or purchase food, stream music, interact with Smart-home devices, report the time, provide weather updates, set timers and alarms, notify you of your schedule, and much more. The dominant product at the moment is Amazon’s Echo which connects with your Amazon Prime and responds to the now well-known name “Alexa”. The next most popular is Google Home which utilises it’s dominance in the search engine market to provide the user with a wider range of online options.


With the technology in an infant stage it is likely to be one of the most relied on devices in the near future.