When you start at the gym there are a number of things that you need, but can often overlook in the preparation stage. They may be simple, but if you leave any of them out you may find yourself at a loss at the gym!


So, here is what you definitely need when starting on your gym journey:




It’s all about the small comforts in life, and a good supply of zip up hoodies is one such comfort. Not only that, but it’s a must-have gym accessory. It’s good for both outdoor runs and keeping you warm during cool downs.


There are plenty of options out there, but a stylish grey and black will match with practically anything in your wardrobe even when you’re not at the gym. So, if you’re looking for a safe colour scheme then stick to shades. You can always jazz it up with some coloured accessories!


It’s easy to buy lots of t-shirts and tops to exercise in, but you will sorely regret not having a quality hoodie post exercise. An absolute necessity!




Yes, you probably, definitely, own a pair of trainers. But, are they the right trainers? Any old pair won’t do for your gym exploits, as you may soon find your day to day trainers falling apart from all of the effort.


A quality pair of trainers is a necessity to help your exercise efforts reach their peak potential. Ensure they have a thick sole if you will be doing a lot of running, it absorbs the impact much better and can save your feet a lot of suffering. You can also get velcro for added easiness at the end of a long session.




Needed for wiping away sweat, both on yourself and the machines, a towel is extremely important for your gym-going efforts. You may find that going without leaves you with a bad reputation at the gym, as no one will appreciate you leaving sweat all over the machines!


The Right Attitude


Of course, there is nothing you need more for starting the gym than a can-do attitude. If you start out with the wrong attitude, then you might end up quitting the gym before you ever see the benefits of the effort in the first place. Make a pointed effort to go to the gym at a set day of the week, make a promise to yourself to go and ensure you keep it!