Summer is in full swing and we are in the midst of the festival season, so if you’re panicking about what to wear and you’re not sure what style you’re trying to go for, then panic no more. Here are some of the biggest trends and outfit suggestions that will grace the muddy fields for the remainder of the year...


The Hair and makeup:

Now there’s nothing worse than being 3 days into a festival, having a sheen of mud that cannot be baby-wiped away and hair that cannot be tamed. One of the essentials to pack for this year is dry shampoo (a given) and a simple bobble (interesting), the festival up-do is the new boho waves. To hide your greasy shame, it’s a great idea to french braid your hair and have it in a high ponytail - this will give a more chic and sleeker take on scraping your hair up and out of your eyes. For makeup, think lots of deep oranges for the eyes and a dewy complexion (highlighter and dewy foundation) - perfect.

The outfit:

Now for the outfit, you want to make a statement… but also be really comfortable throughout the day. So floaty dresses and baggy, cool clothing is a given. If you want to brave a tight dress, or a tight skirt, or a tight top, then that’s on you. But if you want to dance around and have a good time and flow in the wind like a moon child, then stick to the baggy boho look - it’s a failsafe.

The shoes:

Wellies are always going to be a saviour at a festival, because regardless of where you are, which festival you are at, or who you are there to see, the rain is going to come. The fields are going to get muddy from drinks spilling, thousands of people traipsing around and of course, the rain. But if you’re feeling that wellies aren’t going to cut your new found festival look, then try going for a chunky boot, they are great for stomping about in the mud!


Accessories to compliment your outfit and your mood - crazy flower earrings, big beaded necklaces and anything that will go with the festival wristbands you will clasp to. A big thing at the moment is glitter! So make sure that you have enough to last you through the weekend.